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Practical engaging workshops that provide teams with the tools and strategies to improve their wellbeing and mental fitness in the workplace. 

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Inspiration & Education for Leaders or Teams

At Mindstar we specialise in “Edutainment”.  Our industry-leading, evidence-based workshops will both entertain and educate your people.

Mindstar's Wellbeing Workshops 


Why is education on workplace wellbeing so important?

It's not just the number of hours we spend at work that determines the value we generate, it's also the purpose and energy we bring to our job.

Stress, high workloads, or simply the challenges of balancing work and life, can cause an increase in fatigue, burnout or even overwhelm.

Performing at our best – both at work and in life – requires us to prioritise wellbeing and learn the skills and techniques to manage and maximise our own mental fitness.  

Mindstar’s engaging & inspirational workshops provide your team with the practical & powerful tools and strategies to deal with stress, pressure and adversity - and to start building their own "wellbeing toolkit".

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Experience the transformative impact of Mindstar's practical strategies for managing workplace stress, pressure, and adversity.



  Our Current Workshops & Webinars 


Mindstar webinars viewed more the 6000 times on LinkedIn


Viewed more than 6,000 times by professionals across industries including technology, manufacturing and education, feedback was overwhelmingly positive.” 

Natalie MacDonald, News Editor, LinkedIn

Mindstar keynote addresses revered by the team at National Australia Bank NAB


"The keynote delivered fantastic feedback and was incredibly impactful. I would thoroughly recommend for anyone who is in the business of dealing with human beings  and how you might help someone in need.

Matthew Vandermeer, National Australia Bank

Mindstar in-person workshops highly rated

In Person Workshop

The participant feedback rating of the workshop is sitting at a perfect "5 stars", with comments like ‘Best so far!’.”

Lindsay Evans, Greencross Pet Wellness Company

Mindstar is your Premium Wellbeing partner.

At Mindstar, our workshops are carefully designed to cultivate mental health awareness and promote wellbeing among employees within a safe and open atmosphere. Whether online or in person, each session delivers impactful messages that resonate and empower participants to carry these insights back to their teams.

Our workshops cover the most current and talked about workplace issues in Australia, ensuring they are not only topical but also deeply relevant to all participating teams. The Mindstar team is committed to crafting content that resonates and inspires positive change.

In collaboration with our client, Mindstar workshops are adaptable to different audiences and can be customised to suit specific organisations or scenarios. 

Interested in a specific workshop? Make an enquiry now and let's collaborate to help you foster a healthier, more supportive workplace culture together.