Wellbeing Check-In for Leaders

Our flagship proactive program that improves the mental fitness and wellbeing of your leaders.

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A Personalised Wellbeing Check-in for Your Leaders 

 The "Wellbeing Check-In for Leaders" program provides leaders the opportunity to be connected with their own Mindstar Executive Wellbeing Coach. 

This proactive, supportive leadership program helps create positive, stress-resilient leaders at all levels of your organisation, while also identifying any individual wellbeing or mental health challenges that may require additional support.

How does it work?

The Wellbeing Check-In for Leaders program offers leaders the chance to connect with their dedicated Mindstar Executive Wellbeing Coach. This proactive leadership initiative fosters positive, stress-resilient leaders across all organizational levels while identifying and addressing individual wellbeing or mental health challenges

The inner world of leaders has remained much neglected. We often provide operational training, but in a challenging, complex world we don’t provide sufficient training for leaders to manage themselves internally. A leaders mindset can be the source of professional success or professional failure. 

All Mindstar Executive Wellbeing Coaches are leaders in their fields. They have a deep understanding of the corporate landscape and are experts in leadership and performance.  All coaches have mental health training and experience. As qualified Clinical Psychologists, General, Mental Health Accredited Social Workers, Leadership Coaches, Mental Health Professionals or Specialist counsellors, they are dedicated to your people’s wellbeing, mental health and happiness.

The Wellbeing Check-in for Leaders program has supported thousands of leaders over the past 5 years and has been shown to be a highly successful leadership program across all industries. 

Proactive & preventative wellbeing support for executives, leaders & support teams in your organisation is now a key business requirement, an obligation to comply with the Australian “psychosocial risk” regulations - and is absolutely the right thing to do! 

Leaders constantly prioritise the care and wellbeing of our team - which can sometimes mean that they can put themselves last.  The program is about prioritising your leaders' continued professional development and acknowledging them as highly valued leaders in the business. 

Your leaders are busy people. So we make it super easy.  Leaders (or their EA) can simply schedule a session online, or the friendly team at Mindstar can reach out to each individual to help schedule in their first appointment with a Coach. 

Better Engagement

The unique Mindstar “Reach-Out” service and individual coaching model of care greatly improves rates of engagement and take-up with your leaders. By carefully matching our Coaches with your leaders, we ensure your leaders challenges are met with the right expertise and level of care. 

What to expect when you partner with Mindstar?

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Mindstar's distinctive 'Reach-Out' service and individual coaching approach significantly enhance engagement and uptake among your leaders. Through meticulous Coach matching, we ensure leaders receive tailored expertise and personalized care to address their specific challenges.

We complement your EAP!


Even when struggling with leadership challenges, stress, fatigue or burnout, most of your executives, leaders and support teams will choose not to access your traditional EAP provider. 


The key question is: “Who is providing the care & support for your teams who are caring for others?


Mindstar provides proactive, preventative wellbeing & coaching support for your executives, leaders & high-impact or support teams (e.g. People Team, ER, Wellbeing, Safety or customer-facing teams).


Mindstar works with you to complete your “holistic wellbeing ecosystem”.

“To have the opportunity for a friendly chat with a professional Wellbeing Coach gave me a chance to reflect on how me & my team members are doing & add some new wellbeing tools to my tool belt. I strongly recommend making the time to have a chat to a Mindstar coach.  It will make you a better leader!” Ian Roper, Woolworths Group

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