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Executive Wellbeing Coaching, Mental Health Programs & Workshops for Leaders & Support Teams. 


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Build your Workplace Wellbeing Ecosystem. 

We are the experts in workplace wellbeing. Our proactive wellbeing programs perfectly complement your traditional EAP provider. 

Our Programs

Wellbeing Check-in For Leaders

Leaders often put themselves last. Our proactive, preventative program is about putting them front & centre.  Leaders are connected with their own experienced Mindstar Executive Wellbeing Coach to focus on achieving positive outcomes in all areas of leadership & wellbeing.

Best Suited For: C-suite, Executive and Senior Leadership Teams; HR/People Teams; Wellbeing & Safety Teams; Customer Support Teams

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Business team meeting discussing effective wellbeing strategies for leaders and support teams, emphasizing the importance of mental health in leadership roles.
Premium Wellbeing Support offers six sessions of tailored coaching for leaders and support teams, addressing challenges such as leadership, stress, and mental health issues. Mindstar ensures top-tier care and keeps referrers informed throughout the process.

Premium Wellbeing Support

Most leaders and support teams will not access traditional EAP services. Premium Support provides “gold-standard” wellbeing support for C-Suite, leaders, support teams, or when complex psychological, trauma or specialist support is required. Access to 6 sessions of high quality coaching, developed for leaders who require more dedicated and psychological support for challenges such as: leadership, stress, fatigue, workplace relationships or mental health issues. 

How It Works:  Your People, Wellbeing or Safety team will refer your team member to Mindstar. Mindstar then “reaches-out” to the team member and provides the best quality care & psychological support - while always keeping the referrer informed.

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MiCoach Wellbeing Program

MiCoach is our award-winning wellbeing coaching & care program. This structured 7-session program will equip your team members with the evidence-based tools & psychological strategies to help them deal with any wellbeing & mental health challenge they may face.

Best Suited For: Return to Work programs; Return from Parental Leave; Call Centre teams

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MiCoach Wellbeing Program providing evidence-based tools and psychological strategies for team members.

Wellbeing Workshops & Webinars - For Leaders or Teams

Mindstar’s workshops & webinars provide your leaders and team members with the education and inspiration to improve their mental fitness & wellbeing.

Delivered to hundreds of Australia’s leading organisations, the workshops & webinars are available for 3 to 3,000 participants.  The powerful and engaging workshops provide your people with the simple psychological tools and strategies to improve their physical and mental fitness.

Topics Include: Positive Leadership, Mental Fitness & Resilience, Stress, Mindfulness, Psychological Safety, Trauma, Life & Work Balance, Post Critical Incident Group Support, Healthy & Happy Boundaries

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Mindstar’s workshops and webinars for improving mental fitness and wellbeing in leaders and teams.

Mindstar’s industry-leading wellbeing data identifies that the key presenting issues for leaders & support teams include: 

  1. Leadership challenges 
  2. Workplace stress & burnout – in our new hybrid-working world 
  3. Fatigue – Including “change fatigue” & “empathy fatigue” 
  4. Workload pressure
  5. Challenging workplace & personal relationships

Why we're different...

For the last 10 years, Mindstar has provided preventative, data-led and, evidence-based wellbeing support to Australia’s leading organisations. These are a few things our clients love about us...


Data & Insights: Mindstar provides expert analysis and de-identified reporting on organisational wellbeing.

Data & Insights 

We know your people better than you do! Wellbeing insights and expert analysis on your organisation.

Our data-led wellbeing programs includes - de-identified reporting on engagement, usage, insights, mental health measures, qualitative feedback, NPS and customer feedback. 

The Mindstar coaching team includes qualified psychologists and leadership experts with deep corporate understanding.

Quality of our Coaching Team

As qualified psychologists, leadership coaches or specialist mental health professionals, our Executive Wellbeing Coaches are leaders in their fields. Specialising in new and emerging leaders right up to Senior Executives and C Suite, they have a deep understanding of the Corporate landscape and are experts in leadership and performance. 

Our programs seamlessly transition leaders to specialized mental health support with confidentiality, guided by our Exec Wellbeing Coaches with expertise in mental health.

Support beyond Coaching

Our programs are designed to identify if leaders require more specific or acute mental health support. A confidential process is activated to seamlessly transition your leader to one of our Executive Wellbeing Coaches with mental health expertise.




What to expect when you partner with us. 

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Our numbers speak for themselves.

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