Premium Wellbeing  Support

Highest quality wellbeing & psychological support for C-Suite, executives, leaders,  frontline staff or those teams who care for others.

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Exceptional Support For Your People

The majority of leaders and support teams do not access traditional EAP services.  Mindstar’s premium 1-on-1 coaching program complements your EAP provider by providing wellbeing and psychological support for your leaders, support teams, or for any complex presentations requiring specialist intervention.

Employees referred to Mindstar receive up to 6 sessions of support for issues including: leadership, stress & burnout, mental health issues, relationships, or vicarious trauma or any other wellbeing challenges.

Premium Support for Leaders

Adopting the Reach-Out model ensures employees receive quality care and psychological support from Mindstar after referral by your People or Safety team, with transparent communication to the referrer throughout the process.

Best Practice: The “Reach-Out” Model

Employees do not contact Mindstar directly. Your People or Safety team will refer your team member to Mindstar. Mindstar then “reaches-out” to the team member and provides the best quality care and psychological support - while always keeping the referrer informed. 

Mindstar's Reach-Out service model significantly boosts engagement and uptake among senior leaders and distressed team members, fostering improved support and participation.

Better Engagement Rates

 Mindstar’s unique Mindstar “Reach-Out” service model greatly improves rates of engagement and take-up with senior leaders and distressed team members.

Mindstar's team comprises qualified clinical psychologists, accredited social workers, leadership coaches, mental health professionals, and specialist coaches, committed to enhancing your team's wellbeing, mental health, and happiness. Premium support addresses a range of issues including leadership, stress, burnout, relationships, vicarious trauma, post-critical incident support, and mental health concerns.

The Best Coaches

All Mindstar Executive Wellbeing Coaches are qualified clinical psychologists, mental health accredited social workers, C-Suite & Senior Executive coaches, mental health professionals or specialist counsellors, they are dedicated to your people’s wellbeing, mental health and happiness.

Premium provides support for issues including: leadership, stress & burnout, work & personal relationships, vicarious trauma, ongoing post-critical incident support or mental health issues.

Mindstar's Customer Care team promptly processes referrals, while our Coaches ensure exceptional availability and flexibility. Rest assured, your leaders receive prompt support connections.

Fast connection

Our Customer Care team action your referral quickly. In addition, our Coaches also offer excellent availability and flexibility. You can be reassured, your leaders are quickly connected with support.

Mindstar's clinical coaches, trained psychologists, and mental health professionals adhere to trauma-informed practices, minimizing the risk of re-traumatization for impacted team members. Our reach-out model eliminates the need for team members to initiate contact with an EAP call center, ensuring sensitive engagement and trauma-informed coaching support initiated by Mindstar after being fully briefed.

Trauma-Informed Best Practice

As qualified psychologists or specialist mental health professionals, all of our clinical coaches have trauma-informed training and extensive experience.

Our reach-out model reduces the possibility of re-traumatising impacted team members.  Team members do not need to phone an EAP call-centre and explain the ordeal. As Mindstar has been fully briefed, we call the customer & gently engage with trauma-informed coaching support.

Mindstar provides strategic guidance from industry-leading experts, identifying key wellbeing challenges within your organization and offering tailored solutions to address them as your dedicated wellbeing partner.

Strategic guidance by industry-leading experts

We identify your key wellbeing problems & then give you the solution.

As your wellbeing partner, we pinpoint the wellbeing challenges identified within your organisation, and recommend the wellbeing solutions that you can implement to address them.

Mindstar's Care Team ensures referrers receive ongoing updates and support, including information on the team member's engagement, wellbeing progress, and identified risks, all while maintaining strict confidentiality boundaries.

Care and Support for the Referrer 

As a referrer, you are actively kept up to date and supported by the Mindstar Care Team.  Updates on the team member’s engagement, wellbeing progress and any risks are identified (within confidentiality boundaries).

What more to expect when you partner with Mindstar?

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Mindstar’s industry-leading wellbeing data identifies key presenting issues for leaders & support teams:

  1. Leadership challenges 
  2. Workplace stress & burnout – in our new hybrid-working world 
  3. Fatigue – Including change fatigue & empathy fatigue 
  4. Workload pressure
  5. Challenging workplace & personal relationships

We Complement Your EAP

Even when struggling with leadership challenges, stress, fatigue or burnout, most of your executives, leaders and support teams will choose not to access your traditional EAP provider. 

The key question is: “Who is providing the care & support for your teams who are caring for others?” 

Mindstar provides proactive, preventative wellbeing and coaching support for your executives, leaders and high-impact or support teams (e.g. People Team, ER, Wellbeing, Safety or customer facing teams).

Mindstar works with you to complete your “holistic wellbeing ecosystem”.

Mindstar complements traditional EAP services by offering proactive, preventative wellbeing and coaching support tailored for executives, leaders, and high-impact teams, including People, ER, Wellbeing, Safety, and customer-facing teams. We collaborate with you to complete your holistic wellbeing ecosystem.

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