Gain insights into 
wellbeing blind spots

Mindstar Data

Our data and reporting helps tell a story, uncover trends, identify risks and supports organisations to implement proactive strategies that elevate the mental fitness of your workforce.

Raw Data

Mindstar data provides customers with a more in-depth view of the data associated with the impact and outcomes of your wellbeing programs. 

We can provide raw and de-identified data which allows customers to embed the information into existing reporting systems to help provide rich wellbeing data. 

Discover the power of Mindstar's raw and de-identified data, enabling customers to integrate comprehensive wellbeing insights into existing reporting systems.
Unlock invaluable insights into wellbeing and mental health issues with Mindstar's data, fostering a new culture of wellbeing in partnership with your organisation.

Insights Provided by Mindstar 

Mindstar data provides valuable insights into the wellbeing and mental health related issues that your leaders and team members experience. As your premium wellbeing partner, Mindstar will work closely with you to create a new culture of wellbeing. 

100% Confidential

Confidentiality is essential.  Mindstar works closely with you to ensure that the data we provide is valuable and while ensuring individual data is de-identified.

Mindstar prioritises confidentiality, working closely with clients to deliver valuable data while ensuring individual privacy through de-identification.
Mindstar offers customized reporting to meet your specific needs, encompassing engagement, usage, insights, mental health measures, qualitative feedback, NPS, and customer feedback. This data can be segmented by location, cost centers, or regions, revealing trends and insights when combined with company data. Strict usage requirements ensure individual employee anonymity.

Making the raw data valuable 

Mindstar provides custom reporting based on your needs to ensure that it is valuable and relevant. This includes reporting on engagement, usage, insights, mental health measures, qualitative feedback, NPS and customer feedback. 

This is all combined with information that allows you to segment and categorise the data to specific locations, cost centres or regions within your business. When the raw data from Mindstar is combined with company data, trends and insights begin to appear. 

There is a minimum usage requirement to ensure that none of the data provided makes an individual employee identifiable.