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Executive Wellbeing Coach

Calling all Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Executive Coaches, Specialist Counsellors.  

Our Executive Wellbeing Coach team provide high-quality wellbeing support to our corporate clients and their teams of employees. 

Your exceptional experience will demonstrate the ability to provide coaching and counselling services to team members and leaders at all levels within an organisation, including executives and C-Suite.

You will primarily focus on supporting leaders to develop stress resiliency, to prioritise personal wellbeing and to live a richer, fuller life both at work and at home.

You will also bring a clinical lens to all of your sessions and will have a remarkable ability to provide empathy and understanding when your customers have experienced traumatic events. 

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Wellbeing Coach

Calling all Counsellors, Mental Health OT's & Nurses. 

The primary responsibility of a Mindstar Wellbeing Coach is to confidently engage with our customers by reaching out via telephone, to offer and provide coaching to assist people to identify issues and find solutions to transform their outlook and to help them set goals to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing.

Through the course of a multi session program, the structure involves creating a positive, highly supportive relationship with each customer and providing ongoing follow-up and motivational support to assist them to achieve the health improvement they desire.


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