Case Study 

From referral to program completion, read how MiCoach helped Sarah return to work.


*Sarah, a 54-year-old accountant, is employed in a senior position in the corporate sector. Unfortunately, her professional environment became unworkable due to a bullying incident. The experience led Sarah to develop anxiety and an autoimmune disease due to the stressful events. As a result, Sarah with the support of her employer, took some time off for recovery.

Reason for joining MiCoach Program 

Sarah was highly motivated to return to work (RTW) however faced a notable increase in anxiety and sleep disturbances during the lead up to her gradual transition back to work. She expressed eagerness for strategies to boost confidence, reduce stress, and manage anxiety to facilitate a smooth return to work. 

Program Outcome 

Sarah was actively engaged and motivated throughout the program, demonstrating readiness for change and reflecting positively on the support received. Over the course of 7 sessions, she participated in psycho-education sessions and received tools tailored to manage stress and anxiety, enhance confidence, and improve assertion and communication skills.

The program's impact was remarkable: Sarah's distress level, measured using the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K-10), decreased significantly from 39 (indicative of severe distress) pre-program to 18 (indicative of low distress) post-program. She reported noticeable improvements in confidence, assertion, and communication skills. Sarah continues to implement stress and anxiety management techniques in her daily life.

Importantly, Sarah successfully transitioned back to full-time work and provided outstanding feedback on the program. She highlighted substantial enhancements in her well-being and overall quality of life, underscoring the program's effectiveness in supporting her return to work journey.

This case exemplifies how targeted psycho-education and skill-building interventions can empower individuals like Sarah to overcome workplace-related challenges, restore confidence, and successfully reintegrate into professional environments, ultimately enhancing their overall wellbeing and life satisfaction.

*name, job title and other identifying information has been changed to protect anonymity.

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