About Us

There's strength in seeking support

Our mission at Mindstar is to crush the stigma associated with seeking support and encourage people to improve and maintain their wellbeing.

Every day we help thousands of Australians get more out of life. We do this by making it easy for companies to connect their teams and customers to the best wellbeing programs, professionals and support.

Our Values

Human Connection

We foster a sense of trust and belonging with clients, customers and our team, through genuine open communication and support.

Stay Curious

We promote a culture of exploration and learning, encouraging each other to question assumptions, ask the 'why' and seek new knowledge.

Show Care

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for our clients, customers and team, showing empathy and compassion, and outstanding support to all those we serve. 

Be Innovative

We encourage creativity and continuously strive for improvement through the use of cutting edge ideas, programs and technologies.

Meet our Founders

Mindstar was founded by Aaron and Khayt Williams after Aaron’s own struggles with depression and suicidal thinking following the tragic death of a young mate in 2003. Discovering how hard it was to find and connect with the right support, Aaron and Khayt decided there had to be a better way to help people find their happy place.

Combining Aaron’s clinical mental health background with Khayt’s experience and passion for mentally healthy, positive corporate cultures they committed to creating a new space that helped empower people to actively seek and achieve happiness and give communities & workplaces a positive voice to discuss wellbeing.

Aaron is now a passionate and well sought after keynote and event speaker.