At Mindstar, we make it easy for people to connect with the very best wellbeing & mental health professionals, the latest wellbeing information, engaging online programs and workshops to help your people manage stress, build resilience & increase productivity.

Your employees get to know & trust us. We are there for them when they are well, so that they are more likely to reach out as soon as they need some extra support.

A Better Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
A range of fresh, engaging Workplace Wellbeing solutions

Mindstar provides support, tools, education and expertise in a reliable,
cost-effective way from a team that really cares.  Work with us as your EAP partner only, or add on any of our other wellbeing products and services.

The choice is yours.

Mindstar’s Better EAP

We do it differently

We want your people to feel confident and comfortable in getting support to be the best versions of themselves.

Our personalised matching service connects your employees to support or booking via our website provides choice of our professionals + instant confirmation of session times .

Better EAP

  • Employees can experience our Personalised Matching service for better connection outcomes or they can choose & book a Mindstar Professional via our website 24/7
  • Counselling sessions can be conducted by phone (call or video), tablet, PC, or face-to-face and appointments are available during or after business hours

Manager Connect Leadership Support

  • A confidential session to help managers & leaders in an organisation tackle more complex employee issues
  •  Wellbeing at Work e-leaders toolkit

Actionable Insights and Data Reporting

  • Usage reporting, including key trends, hot spots and recommendations
  • E-Wellbeing hub statistics & Wellbeing Survey Report

Encourage action with our workplace promotional collateral

  • Digital Posters & Wellbeing Cards to promote and remind your people how to access Mindstar
  • Show you how to promote it to your people like it should be, a benefit!

Monthly Wellbeing Newsletter to inspire & increase engagement

  • Provides wellbeing & mental health news, tools and informative articles.

Proactive Account Management

  • Monthly Connection Call – check-in with your Mindstar Relationship Manager to discuss any issues, hot spots, insights or feedback.

Mindstar’s Workplace Wellbeing Solutions

Manage stress, build resilience & increase productivity to create a positive culture of wellbeing across your business.

Mindstar works with you to tailor a solution that takes into account your unique culture. We help you identify which of our products and services are best suited to your needs or create for you a full Wellbeing Framework, which is designed to roll out over 12 months.  We work together to engage, educate and inspire your employees, giving them simple tips, tools and strategies to be their very best – at work & at home – every single day.

Mindstar’s full range of products & services can include:

e-Wellbeing Hub

Our online portal consists of engaging, wellbeing and mental health information & resources – includes online programs, toolkits, fact sheets, breathing exercises, recommendations + more.

*Co-branded and customised version available

Workplace Wellbeing Webinars

Opportunity for all your people to listen, learn and engage on key workplace wellbeing issues and topics such as ‘Stress – How to deal with it’ and ‘Nailing Work-Life Balance: how to be your best at work and at home’.

World First Interactive Content

Online video-based wellbeing programs, video and podcast edutainment, including access to our remarkable interview series, Unpack.

Workshops & Training

We offer a variety of engaging workshops on wellbeing topics that are relevant, engaging and popular with attendees.

Workplace Wellbeing Survey

The survey helps to identify any gaps or important issues that can then be addressed by activities delivered within our Workplace Wellbeing  Solutions.


Mindstar facilitates innovative retreats for employers, carers, high performers or other specialty groups to support self-care, psychological support, mindset, mindfulness and R&R.

Common Questions

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Traditionally an Employee Assistance Program (or EAP for short) is designed to connect employees with confidential counselling and qualified support during difficult or challenging times.  Concerns can be of a personal or work-related nature.  Employees can access a set number of sessions provided for free by their organisation or business.  At Mindstar, our Better EAP is promoted to your people, like it should be – a benefit!!

I am interested in your Better EAP, can I purchase this on its own?

Absolutely, our Better EAP is offered as a service with all other Mindstar Workplace Wellbeing solutions add ons. We can tailor our products and services to the needs of your business and budget.

How do I know if my employees are getting benefit from Mindstar's Better EAP?

It’s simple. We ask them. Every employee receives a survey to help us improve our process and to provide feedback to our professionals. This de-identified information is then shared with you in your data reporting.

How quickly can my employees be connected to a Mindstar Wellbeing & Mental Health Professional?

As part of our matching service, we take your employees schedule & situation into consideration when finding the right person to connect with – whether it’s a same day session or within the week, we take care of them until we have found the best solution.

How do I know what my organisation needs?

We work with you to understand your challenges and determine what products or solutions work best for you. Whether you are the CEO, business owner, HR Manager or running your company EAP or wellbeing programs, we’re also there to provide ongoing support to you!

I'm on a budget, but would really like to focus on Wellbeing in our business. Can you support this?

Yes, absolutely. Our range of services and products offered meet the needs of most budgets. Talk to us about our e-Wellbeing Hub for your people!

I already have an EAP provider in place but would like to offer our organisation more preventative and proactive wellbeing support, can you assist?

Our Coaching Program, e-wellbeing hub, workshops or training, may be great additions to your existing EAP. Contact us and we can discuss your needs.

The positive impact of a wellbeing culture directly correlates to our team’s high productivity, retention and personal wellness and we are very proud to invest and support our team in conjunction with Mindstar.

 Cindy White

Human Resource Manager, ENTAG

Healthy employees are almost 3 times more effective

When employee health & wellbeing is managed well the percentage of engaged employees increases from 7% to 55%

Employers can save up to $15 for every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing

Mindstar’s Wellbeing and EAP solutions have helped Suncare to assist our people through a culture of wellbeing and quality support.  Mindstar is constantly working with our organisation to promote better wellbeing and mental health awareness, which is critical in today’s ever-changing business environment.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Laura Fox

Head of People & Culture, Suncare

We’re proud to support

We work with Corporates, SME’s, start-ups, NGO’s and NFP’s. We’re ready to help make life easier for you & easier for your employees.

Mindstar is privileged to work with our University partners in being the leader in workplace wellbeing & prevention by creating mentally healthy workplaces.