#9: Sammy Power – Get Rid of the Back Story

“I don’t aim for happy…I aim for calm and peace.” The hilarious, charming and unpredictable Sammy Powers is a former Australian Radio Queen, socialite, and Chief Executive of the Jan Powers Farmers Markets in Brisbane. Sammy shares larger than life lessons that include; fleeting fame versus the meaning of true wealth, peeling back the mask, how to celebrate self love in style, finding peace amongst the chaos and being true to yourself.
Please note that the following conversation acknowledges challenging issues that could be distressful for some listeners.
Additional information on where to get the best support has been included below:
Support in Australia
To connect with online, phone, or face-to-face counselling and therapy visit Mindstar at https://www.mindstar.com.au/
For immediate crisis or suicide prevention support contact Lifeline Australia on 131 114 via their 24/7 service
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