#6: Shaun O’Gorman – Victim to Champion (5 simple steps)

“I have no interest in balance…it’s about being the best version of me.” Shaun O’Gorman is a human behaviour, critical stress and resilience consultant and founder of The Strong Life Project. A retired police officer and former member of the Queensland Police Dog Squad; Shaun shares stories of action packed adversity, a mission to achieve mastery over his own wellbeing and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of othersShaun explains his 5 simple steps to becoming an ALPHA Human and the importance of having the courage to be vulnerable in order to live an authentic life.

Please note that the following conversation acknowledges challenging issues that could be distressful for some listeners.

Additional information on where to get the best support has been included below:

Support in Australia

To connect with online, phone, or face-to-face counselling and therapy visit Mindstar at https://www.mindstar.com.au/

For immediate crisis or suicide prevention support contact Lifeline Australia on 131 114 via their 24/7 service

Mentioned in this UNPACK episode:

The Strong Life Project – http://www.thestronglifeproject.com/

Shaun O’Gorman Human Behaviour & Performance Consultant – http://www.shaunogorman.com/