#2: Justin – Father, Husband, Singer, Actor, Mascot

“Care enough to ask”. In our second special launch episode as part of World Mental Health Day Justin Geange -“Father, husband, singer, songwriter, actor, mascot, plumber” shares his own wellbeing struggles and the importance of taking 10 seconds of courage to look after your mates, how to ask “are you okay” and being fair dinkum enough to admit when you’re not.
Please note that the following conversation acknowledges challenging issues that could be distressful for some listeners. Additional information on where to get the best support has been included below
Support in Australia:
To connect with online, phone, or face-to-face counselling and therapy get in touch with us at Mindstar today!
For immediate crisis or suicide prevention support contact Lifeline Australia on 131 114 via their 24/7 service