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Phone or Face to Face booking

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Seeking support is a sign of strength!

Meet a few of our Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors and Coaches

Mindstar Wellbeing & Mental Health Professionals are highly experienced and university qualified psychologists, counsellors & social workers. Our professionals cover over 50 areas of wellbeing & mental health ranging from mindfulness, work related issues, personal development, stress, burnout, sleep, relationships, anxiety and losing a loved one.

Life can be challenging…these are the most common reasons why people seek support

Our professionals can help you work through common feelings of being lost, feeling stuck and give you strategies towards building greater resilience, awareness and productivity.


Life will, from time to time, create challenges in our personal relationships. Working out simple solutions to those challenges can bring about change in small but meaningful ways to create the very best relationships for us.

Stress & Burnout

Stress & burnout rob us of the ability to enjoy our day to day lives & we often end up with physical symptoms as a result of these. Once burnout is recognised & the source of our stress is identified, positive changes can result in us having a thriving life once again.

Work Related

Most of us want to be successful at work while also enjoying our day to day work environment. Work can affect home life, home can affect work. We can overcome work challenges using simple strategies to get back on track, become more confident, more resilient & in many ways a better employee.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. Depression is when sad feelings last for a prolonged period of time, often for no reason at all. Anxiety & depression are very common & the good news is with the help of a professional they can be effectively treated & managed.

All Of The Above

Sometimes we don’t feel our best, but we don’t know why. When we stop & think, we realise it’s not just any one thing, it is many things overwhelming us. We may not know where to start on our own, but we can start feeling better by looking at one thing at a time & building from there.

I Think I'm Stuck

Humans are do-er’s by nature, we like to have plans, have future goals, feel like we are getting ahead & making a difference in life. At times we get derailed & feel stuck, unsure of our next steps in ilfe. Professional help can give you tools to decide what’s best for you & what direction to focus on.

Chatting to Kali was so much better than I ever expected. I am so glad I finally made the decision to reach out.


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