UNPACK Episode 6 Out Now

On this episode of UNPACK Aaron speaks with a man whos’ physical toughness and life of action packed adversity is only surpassed by a tenacity for achieving mastery over his own wellbeing and his desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. This man has seen some things! Ex covert surveillance, SWAT K9 tactical support, street brawls, high-speed pursuits and shootouts and that’s just the start of his resume!

Shaun O’Gorman is an Author, Speaker, fellow podcast host, human behaviour, critical stress and resilience consultant, founder of The Strong Life Project. Shaun goes deep into the trenches on his time with the force, and how he made the choice to go from ‘shoot em ups’ to a path of service through self awareness. It gets dark, it gets violent but stick with it because there is so much to take away. Shaun challenges us with his 5 simple steps to becoming an ALPHA Human, learning to embrace the opportunity in adversity and the importance of having the courage to be vulnerable in order to live an authentic life. Find Shaun O’Gorman’s ‘Victim to Champion (5 simple steps)’ episode on our UNPACK Series page now.