Mindstar Community Newsletter – Launch!

Hi everyone,

Today I am very excited to announce the launch of the new Mindstar community newsletter!

Once a month the Mindstar newsletter will magically appear in your inbox and give you a chance to chow down on the newest developments in the wonderful world of Mindstar – including awesome articles, blogposts and helpful tips to improve your health and wellbeing.

And what an historic time for this newsletter to launch! 

We have finally received the good news that we have been waiting and advocating for!  It’s the life-changing & lifesaving news for the farmers doing it tough and people living rurally – who suicide at around double the rate of those in the cities.

The government has just announced that in the May budget people living in rural and remote areas will finally get the same access to mental health professionals as those in the major centres.  Starting November 1st they will receive Medicare rebates for telehealth consultations!

It’s huge! We fought hard for this in Parliament House in Canberra and via our change.org campaign (SEE HERE).

This historic change allows anyone in regional, rural and remote areas to video-connect with the very best Mindstar professionals across the country from the convenience of their own home – and be supported by Medicare rebates.

More info on this to come…

My first big announcement: Mindstar is now introducing face-to-face and phone sessions!

So, yep that’s right. Now no matter where you live, you can use Medicare rebates to make it even more affordable to speak in-person to a quality Mindstar Wellbeing & Mental Health Professional.

Our vision at Mindstar is to improve the wellbeing and mental health of the world.

To do this we do our very best to listen to your feedback and keep improving. And we were listening when you told us you wanted the freedom to speak to a Mindstar professional in any way you choose.

So now, not only can you connect with a Mindstar psychologist, mental health social worker or counsellor via video – but also via phone or in-person face-to-face utilising Medicare rebates.

My second big announcement: Mindstar now has a 1300 phone number you can call for advice – choosing the right professional is now even easier.

So by calling 1300 907 098 we can assist you – or your friends or loved ones – to choose and book the very best professional that suits your needs.

It has never been easier to connect with affordable, quality wellbeing and mental health support.

As you may have already noticed, to reflect these new features we have given our website a fresh new facelift. But this is only the beginning… There are more new exciting developments on the way…

In the coming months, we will be launching our brand-new Mindstar website that will include a whole new range of incredible features, developments and a more customer friendly experience! Stay tuned!

Thanks so much to you all for your fantastic support of the entire Mindstar community. Talk to you again next month!


p.s We are also in the process of bringing on a range of new wellbeing and mental health professionals. So if you are a mental health professional, then CLICK HERE to find out how you can join the team!



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Aaron Williams

Aaron is CEO & co-founder of Mindstar. He is also a father, husband, senior mental health clinician, university lecturer, PhD researcher, mindfulness practitioner and previously comes from a successful background in the corporate world.