Welcome to Mindstar


Today I’m very excited to announce the launch of the Mindstar community.

The drive behind Mindstar is simple: to provide every one of us with an exciting new way to improve our wellbeing and mental health. And to start the conversation to show that seeking support is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of creating a better you.

Our vision at Mindstar is to help people be their best. To do that, we connect them with the very best.

What’s the problem?

What we are currently doing is not working. Most of us have never felt so busy, stressed, unfulfilled and pulled in so many different directions.

With today’s social media we have never been so connected, but many of us feel more isolated than ever.

One out of every four of us are experiencing some kind of anxiety, depression or psychological distress.

The problem is that we are all time poor and quality local psychological support is hard to find.


So what can we do to help ourselves and our loved ones around us?

Mindstar makes it easy to choose and connect with the professional that best suits you.

With over 100 sessions available per week, Mindstar finally gives you the freedom to search, choose and video-chat with your choice of the best psychologists, counsellors and coaches from across the country – on your phone, tablet or PC, over our secure, custom-built, encrypted platform – all from your workplace or the comfort of your couch at home.

The important thing is the earlier that you speak to someone the better. Don’t wait until things get really tough. Then once you have made that connection, you know that help is always as close as your mobile phone, tablet or PC.


Join Us

This is just the start. At Mindstar we want to change the face of mental health in Australia. Over the next year you will hear from myself and our incredible team of professionals on how best to look after your own wellbeing and mental health and to be your best.

I would love your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at any time at – hello@mindstar.com.au

Aaron Williams
CEO Mindstar


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Aaron is CEO & co-founder of Mindstar. He is also a father, husband, senior mental health clinician, university lecturer, PhD researcher, mindfulness practitioner and previously comes from a successful background in the corporate world.